Sport Travel Services

Sport Sherpa is a one stop shop for every team's travel needs. Coaches and team leaders will organize their team's trip through our highly sophisticated system and we will provide a customized website for each specific group. The organizer will also have the ability to send web links to their players so getting the proper information, signing up, and making payments can be done all in one convenient place.

The coach or team leader will have access to an administrative log where they can keep track of their players and run reports on the status of their trip. Our sales staff are eager to provide you with the support and assistance you need to make the event a success..

Current Tournament Schedule

Why Choose Us

  • There's nothing better than exceptional athletic competition, but sometimes getting the whole team to a tournament can be a stressful experience. Sport Sherpa is dedicated to making the process easier so your team can focus on being at their best.

    • One stop shop for coaches and team leaders to organize team travel.
    • Advanced online reservation system for a streamlined process.
    • Dedicated website for each team to obtain information, register for, and book travel.
    • Administrator portal where coaches and team leaders can easily track and manage all trip details.